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Our blush and sweet wines

Blush winesBlush Wines

Bluebird Song
You'll be floating on a breeze when you try this blend of sweet blueberry and tart pomegranate flavored White Merlot. Serve chilled.

Sweet Wines

Cardinal Red
A fruit sweet wine that offers a zesty difference. Try this blend of heart-healthy pomegranates with a light blush of wine. Taste why we are proud to add this one to our tasting room experience.

Chickadee Red
A tasty blend of oranges added to a mild Sangria form Seville, Spain. You will enjoy the mildly smooth red wine mingled with the oranges at room temperature or chilled if you prefer.

Chickadee White
With its enticingly vibrant peach nose, gentle bite of tart acidity, and lingering apple finish, our new version of Chickadee White delivers crisp, fresh-from-the-orchard fruit from start to finish.

Citron Red
A new wine recently added to our growing collection of outstanding sweets, Citron Red combines the distinct flavors of Cabernet Sauvignon with raspberries and acai berries. Another heart healthy wine offering a great blend of tastes.

Double Black
This wine gets its name from its ingredients - sweet black cherries and Pinot Noir - and is not to be confused with double black diamond runs on the ski slopes in nearby Banner Elk. Serve chilled.

Horse Stomp Red
The taste and aroma of raspberries is loud and clear when it's blended with White Zinfandel. This wine was named for a small community in Alleghany County. Our top-selling wine; try this with dark chocolate! Serve chilled.
Silver Medal Winner, 2017. Bronze Medal Winner, 2018.

Lucky Black
This wine is a blackberry flavored Merlot and is one of the sweetest red wines we offer. Named after our dog "Lucky", it is best served chilled.

Peden White
This peach-flavored Chardonnay is a hit with the summer sippin' crowd because it's lighter (only 8% alcohol) and refreshing. The aroma is so big, you'd almost expect to find peach fuzz on the wine glass! Served chilled.
Gold Medal Winner, 2017. Silver Medal, 2015. Bronze Medal, 2018.

Stone Mountain White
A wonderful melange of pineapple and coconut flavors added to Pinot Grigio. We call this wine a cheap trip to the beach! Serve ice cold.

Citron White
Talk about coconut in a glass! This crazy marriage of sweet coconuts and Sauvignon Blanc will have you thinking about cruising to the islands. Milky white in a glass. Serve chilled.

Twin Oaks Red
This wonderfully refreshing sweet wine is strawberry flavored White Zinfandel. It's a terrific summertime wine that was named after a small community just west of Sparta. Serve chilled.

Twin Oaks White
A light Pinot Grigio flavored with sweet, ripe white pears. Serve chilled.

Whitehead Red
A watermelon-flavored White Merlot, this delightful wine will make you believe you're eating a slice of ripe melon! Very refreshing when served chilled, this wine was named after a small community located between Sparta and Laurel Springs.

Sweet/Sour Wines

Gap Civil White
A sweet Riesling wine that's been flavored with tart, crisp green apples - a unique blend that you simply must try! Gap Civil White gets its name from the old name of the county seat. Serve chilled.

Mahogany Rock White
A tangy blend of oranges and grapefruit (with finishing notes of lime and lemon) added to the zest of a Sauvignon Blanc - a great drink for a warm and breezy summer evening around sunset. Serve chilled.

New Hope Blush
We've revived Grandma's "pie in a glass", offering a sweet / tart temptation of strawberries and rhubarb blended with White Zinfandel. The result is a tangy yet liquid version of strawberry rhubarb pie. Serve chilled.

Stone Mountain Red
Named for the giant granite dome found on the southeast boundary of Alleghany County, this blend of Chianti and cranberry flavors is a little less sweet and more tangy than its sister-in-wine Whitehead Red. Hike on up to more flavor!