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Our dry white wines

White wines

Devil's Garden White
Experienced wine enthusiasts know that Chardonnay tastes vary from a buttery to an oak flavor, and everything in between. This lightly oaked Chardonnay is a throwback to simpler times, featuring straightforward AF without any ML (malolactic) fermentation. The grapes for this wine were grown in California, the birthplace of some of the best Chardonnay in the world.
Bronze Medal Winner, 2021

Feather Bed White
Rapidly becoming our best-selling white wine at Thistle Meadow Winery, our Pinot Grigio took a gold medal at the Dixie Classic Fair. Medium-bodied, lighter colored wine with delicate floral notes. Crisp and flavorful, it has tropical fruit aromas & hints of green apple, melon & citrus. The finish is soft and fruity, yet assertive and dry.
Bronze Medal Winner, 2021

Hooker White
The Pinot Blanc grapes used to make this dry and crisp white table wine hail from California. Although very similar in style to Pinot Grigio, Hooker White is a bit paler in color and has a little less body... with all the acidity, wonderful flavor, and aroma you'd expect from a light Italian-styled white. If you enjoy Pinot Grigio, you'll definitely want to give it a try.

Hooker White pairs well with cheese-based dishes, as well as light foods such as chicken breasts, seafood, and tender white fish (think Tilapia) with simple sauces.

Tom's Special White
This wonderful blend of Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, and Riesling, made from grapes grown in South Africa and Australia, really packs a wallop. Coming in at 14% ABV, it splashes boldly and offers terrific aromas of green apple, pear, and tropical fruit. Try this flavorful dry white wine with grilled halibut with lemon basil vinaigrette, baked rosemary chicken, or a creamy brie.

Pull Tail White
Rich with the character of tropical fruit, this easy-drinking off-dry white made from Gewürztraminer goes best with spicy foods. (0.9% RS)

Turkey Knob White
Our version of Moscato is fresh and juicy, not cloyingly sweet. The heavenly floral aromas and rich flavors of ripe peach and tropical citrus pairs well with spicy Thai dishes. Serve chilled. (2.0% RS)